So the “preferred” repair service your agent is steering you to is certainly “preferred”. preferred by the insurance provider for THEIR advantage, not yours. Why? Because the preferred body shop has agreed (in writing) to use auto parts that are less expensive than factory parts. This can mean using inferior parts, and perhaps not doing all that is vital to correctly repair your car. It might even mean that your car will be dangerous to drive after the fixes have been completed.

The second reason for checking inventory is that if a seller doesn’t take inventory at least yearly and adjust his inventory value in his accounting records, accurately, the profit figure you are receiving will not be accurate. As a rule, the higher cost of goods sold, the lower the profit. Some business owners reduce the inventory value on the books, intentionally, to a lower value so as to make the business show a higher cost of goods sold, which then creates a smaller taxable profit. If they do this year after year, the profit may or may not be accurate for the current year. It might take a cpa to figure this one out for you, if you do not have a background in retail.

Look up a company in the BBB and see if any complaints have been filed in the last year. If so try to inquire why. If a certain business has high stars and a high satisfaction rate then you have a good idea of what company you are dealing with.

Also, if you have dents and dings on your vehicle that are hindering its appearance you should invest a little money into getting paintless dent removal. This is a great process because it can be completed in less than a few hours, usually while you wait. Also it doesn’t involve the use of paints or fillers so the original finish of your vehicle is not compromised. The end result is a smooth finish with no dents, which will really make your vehicle look great and an affordable price.

(1) Sam’s Auto Body currently has two auto body locations open in Syracuse. One shop is located at 2136 Erie Boulevard and the other is located at 1135 West Genesee Street.

A mobile automotive paint tool service is a great service. Basically it is meant to benefit the customers. The mobile service will come to you and repair your vehicle where ever you are, whether you are at home, work or school. This is great because you don’t have to go anywhere, and you won’t be put out. Also you will not be without your vehicle which is a major concern for those who have places they must be. Not all auto body services can be completed from a mobile service, however there are quite a few that can be.

Each year, one car insurance company or another will lower their overall premium rates. If they do not lower them, they may hold the line while everyone else is going up. As the consumer, it pays for you to explore insurance rates every two or three years to find the company that offers a good policy at a low price.

How can one body shop give you an estimate that is half the cost of another? The answer usually is that one will use aftermarket parts that cost half the price.