Be on the lookout for people not fixing structural or hidden damage. I’ve had vehicles come in where the frame rails /rad support were replaced (welded in) and not even painted! They rusted out quickly!

It does not matter precisely how the damage occurred, what does matter is you picking out the auto body shop to help make your vehicle right once more. They’re hard to come by. Not all body shops are the same. For example, choosing the one your insurance company told you to will only result in a minimum repair to your vehicle. The insurer has a “deal” with the repair center. That doesn’t mean they’ll do a good job on your vehicle.

So the “preferred” repair service your agent is steering you to is certainly “preferred”. preferred by the insurance provider for THEIR advantage, not yours. Why? Because the preferred body shop has agreed (in writing) to use auto parts that are less expensive than factory parts. This can mean using inferior parts, and perhaps not doing all that is vital to correctly repair your car. It might even mean that your car will be dangerous to drive after the fixes have been completed.

Are they Diamond Certified? To get a Diamond Certified business, it is very difficult, and a very detailed process. Ask to see their current Diamond Certification.

When I was young, my dad told me I would be wise to develop a marketable skill so that if I found myself unemployed I could hang out my own shingle – put out a sign offering my services and do them on a contract basis. I like automotive paint tool work because it not only expresses my artistic side, restoring the smooth curve of the original design to a damaged car, it requires a lot of attention to detail, which is absorbing and makes the day fly by. Have you noticed that when you are concentrating on something and painstakingly doing it right, you may get a surprise tap on the shoulder telling you it is quitting time?

Custom paint jobs are also available through these providers. Some will construct elaborate pieces of art to put onto vehicles. You may want something simple or you may want something ornate. With these technicians, you can get the type of results right for your needs.

“Terrific” you may think. You need not endure the hassle of looking for a repair shop, nor must you do any “homework” looking for body shops to get one that’s dependable and that you can trust to do good work. After all, you would like to get your vehicle fixed at the earliest opportunity. But what if you prefer to utilize a body shop that you are already familiar with?